This website ( aims to monitor sex/gender representations in online news. I co-founded the site in January 2011 along with Joy Bacon to address what we perceived as a gap in existing research and monitoring work. While much research has been done to look at gender representations in traditional media, how that translates to the web is still being explored.

Through The Gender Report, we’ve taken on several studies related to the representation of women and gender in online news. We also feature posts about trends observed over time, resources on the subjects of gender and journalism, examinations of coverage of gender and women in the news, weekly reading lists on these subjects and more. Our work has been referenced in several articles including one’s by the Columbia Journalism Review, Daily Beast and FAIR’s Extra! (see the “About” page for a full listing).



This was part of a two and a half month project in spring 2009 on gender at Whitworth University. Nearly 60 people were interviewed. I did the writing, video, databases, graphics, coding and some of the photo work for this project.

View the project via a WordPress platform here. The project was originally published through the website of The Whitworthian, the university’s student newspaper. Printed copies of the work are viewable at the Whitworth archives and through the Communication Studies Department.